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Analyzed Legislation Author Topic    Completed Analyses
AB  391 Chiu Asthma preventive services in Medi-Cal   
AB  447 Gray Continuous Glucose Monitors   
AB  1074 Maienschein Pervasive developmental disorder or autism   
AB  1107 Nazarian Oncology Clinical Pathway Act   
AB  1316 Quirk Childhood lead poisoning: prevention   
AB  1353 Waldron Utilization Management Process for Outpatient Prescription Drugs   
AB  1534 Nazarian HIV Specialist   
AB  1601 Bloom Hearing Aids: Minors   
SB  172 Portantino Fertility Preservation   
SB  221 Wiener Lipodystrophy   
SB  399 Portantino Health care coverage: pervasive developmental disorder or autism.   
AB  533 Bonta Health Care Coverage: Out-of-Network Coverage   
AB  796 Nazarian Health Care Coverage: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders   
AB  1763 Gipson Colorectal Cancer Screening Examinations   
AB  1831 Low Topical Ophthalmic Refills   
AB  1954 Burke Reproductive Health Care Services   
AB  2004 Bloom Hearing Aids   
AB  2050 Steinorth Prescription Refill Synchronization   
AB  2084 Wood Medi-Cal Coverage for Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) Services   
AB  2209 Bonilla Clinical Pathways   
AB  2372 Burke HIV Specialists   
AB  2507 Gordon Telehealth   
AB  2764 Bonilla Mammography   
SB  999 Pavley Contraceptives: Annual Supply   
SB  1034 Mitchell Autism   
AB  339 Gordon Outpatient Prescription Drugs   
AB  374 Nazarian Step Therapy: Coverage   
AB  502 Chau Dental Hygienists   
AB  623 Wood Abuse-deterrent Opioid Analgesics   
AB  796 Nazarian Health Care Coverage: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders   
AB  1102 Santiago Special Enrollment Periods   
AB  1305 Bonta Cost Sharing: Family Health Coverage   
SB  190 Beall Acquired Brain Injury   
SB  289 Mitchell Telephonic and Electronic Patient Management Services   
AB  1771 Pérez Telephonic Patient Management Services   
AB  1917 Gordon Outpatient Prescription Drugs: Cost Sharing   
AB  2041 Jones Developmental Services: Regional Centers: Behavioral Health Treatment   
AB  2418 Bonilla and Skinner Health Care Coverage: Prescription Drug Refills   
SB  1053 Mitchell Health Care Coverage: Contraceptives   
SB  1239 Wolk Pupil Health Care: School Nurses   
AB  219 Perea Oral Anticancer Medications   
AB  460 Ammiano Infertility   
AB  889 Frazier Prescription Drug Benefits   
AB  912 Quirk-Silva Fertility Preservation   
SB  126 Steinberg Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Autism   
SB  189 Monning Wellness Programs   
SB  320 Beall Acquired Brain Injury   
SB  799 Calderon Colorectal Cancer: Genetic Testing and Screening   
AB  1000 Perea Cancer Treatment   
AB  1738 Huffman Tobacco Cessation Services   
AB  1800 Ma Health Care Coverage   
AB  2064 Pérez Immunizations for Children   
AB  72 Eng Health Care Coverage: Acupuncture   
AB  137 Portantino Mammography Services   
AB  154 Beall Mental Health Services   
AB  171 Beall Autism   
AB  185 Hernández Maternity Services   
AB  310 Ma Prescription Drugs   
AB  369 Huffman Pain Prescriptions   
AB  428 Portantino Fertility Preservation   
AB  652 Mitchell Child Health Assessments   
AB  1000 Perea Cancer Treatment   
SB  136 Yee Tobacco Cessation   
SB  155 Evans Maternity Services   
SB  173 Simitian Mammograms   
SB  255 Pavley Breast Cancer   
SB  770 Steinberg and Evans Autism   
SB-TBD  1 Steinberg (requested) Mental Illness: Autism   
AB  113 Portantino Mammography   
AB  754 Chesbro Durable Medical Equipment   
AB  1600 Beall Mental Health Services   
AB  1825 De La Torre Maternity Services   
AB  1826 Huffman Pain Prescriptions   
AB  1904 Villines Out-of-State Carriers   
AB  2587 Berryhill Benefit Mandates   
SB  220 Yee Tobacco Cessation Services   
SB  890 Alquist Basic Health Care Services   
SB  961 Wright Cancer Treatment   
SB  1104 Cedillo Diabetes-Related Complications   
AB  56 Portantino Mammography   
AB  98 De La Torre Maternity Services   
AB  163 Emmerson Amino Acid-Based Elemental Formulas   
AB  214 Chesbro Durable Medical Equipment   
AB  244 Beall Mental Health Services   
AB  259 Skinner Certified Nurse Midwives: Direct Access   
AB  513 de Leon Breast-Feeding   
AB  786 Jones Individual Health Care Coverage: Coverage Choice Categories   
SB  92 Aanestad Health Care Reform   
SB  158 Wiggins Human Papillomavirus Vaccination   
SB  161 Wright Chemotherapy Treatment   
AB  16 Evans Human Papillomavirus Vaccination   
AB  1774 Lieber Gynecological Cancer Screening Tests   
AB  1887 Beall Mental Health Services   
AB  1894 Krekorian HIV Testing   
AB  1962 De La Torre Maternity Services   
AB  2174 Laird Coverage for Amino Acid-based Elemental Formulas   
AB  2234 Portantino Breast Conditions   
SB  1198 Kuehl Durable Medical Equipment   
SB  1522 Steinberg Coverage Choice Categories   
SB  1634 Steinberg Health Care Coverage: Cleft Palates   
AB  30 Evans Inborn Errors of Metabolism   
AB  54 Dymally Acupuncture   
AB  368 Carter Mandate to Offer Coverage of Hearing Aids for Children   
AB  423 Beall Mental Health Services   
AB  1214 Emmerson Waiver of Benefits   
AB  1429 Evans Human Papillomavirus Vaccination   
AB  1461 Krekorian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Extension   
SB  24 Torlakson Tobacco Cessation   
SB  365 McClintock Out-of-State Carriers   
AB  264 Chan Pediatric Asthma Education   
AB  264 (analysis 2) Chan Pediatric Asthma Education   
AB  2012 Emmerson Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices   
AB  2012 (analysis 2) Emmerson Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices   
AB  2281 Chan High Deductible Health Care Coverage   
SB  1223 Scott Hearing Aids for Children   
SB  1245 Figueroa Cervical Cancer Screening   
SB  1508 Bowen Propofol for Colonoscopies   
AB  8 Cohn Mastectomies and Lymph Node Dissections   
AB  213 Liu Lymphedema   
AB  228 Koretz Transplantation Services: Human Immunodeficiancy Virus   
AB  1185 Koretz Chiropractic Services   
SB  415 Alquist Prescription Drugs: Alzheimers Disease   
SB  572 Perata Mental Health Benefits   
SB  573 Romero Elimination of Intoxication Exclusion   
SB  576 Ortiz Tobacco Cessation Services   
SB  749 Speier Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders   
SB  913 Simitian Medication therapies; Rheumatic disease   
AB  438 Lieber Osteoporosis Screening   
AB  547 Liu Ovarian Cancer Screening   
AB  1084 Maddox Access to Vision Providers   
AB  1549 Frommer, Chan, and Laird Childhood Asthma   
AB  1927 Cohn Vision Services   
AB  2185 Frommer Pediatric Asthma Management   
SB  101 Chesbro Substance Disorder Treatment   
SB  174 Scott, Koretz, and Wiggins Hearing Aids for Children   
SB  897 Speier Maternity Services   
SB  1157 Romero Elimination of Intoxication Exclusion   
SB  1158 Scott Hearing Aids for Children   
SB  1192 Chesbro Substance Disorder Treatment   
SB  1555 Speier Maternity Services